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Homeless and Socially Disadvantaged Sing of Hopes and Dreams.

Since the beginning of the year, the Sydney Street Choir has been in rehearsals for their next fantastic show, the musical 'Blue Skies,' which will be presented next month.

'Blue Skies', a joyful examination of the hopes and dreams of the choir, features music, singing, and dancing, all performed with the choir's famous passion.

The Legendary Song

As well as featuring in the musical, the song 'Blue Skies' has been chosen by the choir as the theme for the show. The song, written by Irving Berlin, has been covered by legendary artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra.

The Sydney Street Choir

The Sydney Street Choir was formed in 2001 and currently has around 25 members, who have performed a massive repertoire of popular and original songs to audiences across the city. Since deciding to tackle musical theatre as part of their performance, the choir have performed three shows.

Sydney Street Choir is made up of men and women who have a love of coming together to sing and perform. The choir was established with the aim of helping people dealing with mental illness, homelessness, addiction or other disadvantages via the power of music and song. Over 75% of members of the choir go on to return to work or study.

Intense Rehearsals

The Sydney Street Choir is directed by James Paul, who is an accomplished singer and musician, known for his great work with the disadvantaged population in and around Sydney.

Mr Paul said that the members of the choir have all been working intensely during three months of rehearsals and were now looking forward to performing their new show to the audience.

"We have already had some interest from other venues, so if it proves a hit, we may take the show on the road," he said.

PAYCE Partnership for sustainability – Mr Brian Boyd.

PAYCE, a leading Australian property investment and development company recently entered into partnership with the Sydney Street Choir, securing the long-term future of the project.

PAYCE first began work with the choir in 2014, when the group performed as part of the Sydney 2014 Lights of Christmas. The choir has gone on to make numerous public appearances supporting charity events, including the annual Christmas Dinner which is provided by the Salvation Army.

In 2015, the Sydney Street Choir performed at the Sydney Opera House, alongside big names in the world of music such as Dami Im, Paulini and Demi Hines.

New Initiatives

Brian Boyd, Managing Director at PAYCE, explained that as part of the partnership agreement, assistance will be provided to allow the choir to launch a range of new initiatives which involve the corporate sector; these will include corporate workshop days, in which the choir will visit local businesses.

Corporate workshope with the Sydney Street Choir - Mr Brian Boyd.

The Workshops Program is designed around a team building model, which makes it possible for businesses to bring their workforce together using a program that encourages a sense of community, and allows for self expression. Those taking part find a safe space in which they can express themselves through song and music.

Friends of Sydney Street Choir

The choir has also launched the 'Friends of the Sydney Street Choir', which will allow local companies to show their support for the group.

"The fact that the choir have now entered the world of musical theatre is a fantastic and exciting new direction for them to take, as they carry on reaching out and engaging new audiences with their inspiring and heart warming performances," Brian Boyd continued.

Committed to Social Equity

PAYCE is committed to social equity, and to helping those who are disadvantaged. It does this by providing resources and sponsorship to organisations such as The Sydney Street Choir, to help them to reach their goals of spreading joy through the medium of music, and encouraging community harmony.

The performance of 'Blue Skies' will take place at 2.00 pm on Saturday, 21 May at the Giant Dwarf Theatre, 199 Cleveland Street, Redfern. Tickets can be purchased online at


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